We recognise that different clients are looking for different things from their IT partner. We therefore offer a wide breadth of IT services, and take a flexible approach to client relationships.

Some of the main benefits of using C&A are:

  • No tie-in period
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Unrivalled quality of service
  • 365 days support
  • Cost effective solutions


As our name suggests we take the worry and stress out of your IT solutions. With all year round high-level support and a diversified team of IT specialists, we offer a service which enables your company to focus on producing to the best of its capabilities.

At C&A we will help you find the most cost effective ways of implementing and maintaining all of your IT solutions.

Below is our three step guide to helping your business perform efficiently and save money.

Step 1: We Listen to you

A simple step which many firms (particularly recruitment firms) don’t do.

Tell us about your business, your competitors, your long term strategy and shorter term tactics, your business philosophy, company culture, and, finally, the very specific requirements of the role or roles you need filling. A core difference between C&A and other consultancy/recruitment firms you may know/have used is that we do not have a pure IT background, one of our founder directors has run many businesses over the years (generally investment companies) and we therefore have a more business minded approach to problem solving.

Step 2: We Advise

Once we have an understanding of your business both in terms of day to day running and overall goals, we can offer a defined strategy which is personal to your business.

We see that people don’t always realise how important each aspect and department can be to a company, if any department does not have the same goals and aims as all others then the business will not be as efficient as it could be.

Step3: We Act

We can create a detailed job description and profile of exactly who you are looking for... We will then offer you the most appropriate solution and put it in place as quickly as possible.